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Hello and thank you for visiting my private practice counseling website!  My name is Dr. Christopher Garrison, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor practicing in the beautiful State of Maine. 

As a seasoned psychotherapist with a doctorate degree in counseling psychology with 30 years of clinical experience treating individuals, couples and families, I still love my work! 

Do you feel your life is not working?  Are there traumatic memories, feelings and thoughts which continue to haunt you, and you wonder if the pain will ever go away? 

Do you struggle with feelings of sadness, grief, anxiety or panic attacks?

Are there current situations and past events which prevents you from embracing and celebrating your life?  Do you feel stuck and broken?

Are you repeating the same relationship patterns over and over again, and you wonder, "what am I doing wrong?" 

Perhaps, I can help.

My gift is this: I'm able to zone in on your current concerns and symptoms, identify the underlying issues and problems and support you to embrace enduring change.  

Therapy takes work, and I provide a safe place for healing.  Counseling is about giving you the necessary tools, skills and solutions to enhance your life in an accepting and a welcoming environment. 

I work with a wide range of patients, from all walks of life, who are sorting through and recovering from painful memories, experiences, feelings and conflicts. As therapy progresses for them, they often feel empowered and they develop new insights, solutions and skills.

Providing you are motivated and committed for change, it can and will happen for you. 

When you are ready to talk, I'm here. 

Kind Regards,

Dr. Christopher Garrison, LCPC

(207) 307-7119

E-Mail: ptbhdr.garrison@gmail.com

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